Welcome to the home of the Pirate Reward Box

Whether you are interested in finding out more about the Reward Box as a gift for the special little person in your life, or you already own a Reward Box and want to know how to get the best out of it you have come to the right place.

Have bought this for my 5year old as an alternative to a wall chart, it’s fantastic quality and he loves posting the stars through. We’ve personalised it with his name and he really works hard to earn his stars. Fab!
— Jackie

What is the Pirate Reward Box?

  • The Pirate Reward Box is a beautifully crafted, wooden, Pirate's Chest which will look stunning in any nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom
  • Rather than collect stickers on a chart (like a traditional reward chart) children receive tokens (your box comes with 20 wooden tokens in the shape of stars) which they post into the Reward Box
  • The tokens can then be replaced (ideally overnight by a magic 'good behaviour' Pirate / Fairy or Elf!) with small rewards / promise vouchers as they achieve their goals (for ideas on appropriate goals for each age group please visit our How To Use page)
  • Your Pirate Reward Box can be personalised for your child (with their name and some fun characters), to find out more please visit our Personalisation page 
  • For a full list of ideas for rewards please visit our Reward Ideas page, or to download some promise vouchers to create activity rewards please visit our FREE download page
Absolutely beautiful!!! The box arrived well packaged and so was safe in transit. The box itself is very well made, feels very sturdy and of good quality. Am using it for my 4 and 7 year old to encourage consistent good behaviour, so far so good!
— Giles S


What ages is the Pirate Reward Box suitable for?

The Reward Box is suitable from birth to approximately 8 years of age.  How you use it will vary as your child grows but below is a taste.  (note - we do not recommend that children under the age of 3 use their Reward Box without adult supervision)

  • From birth to 18 months – The Reward Box is a timeless, keepsake, which will look beautiful in a new nursery and will grow with the recipient.  A wonderful new born or christening gift
  • From 18 months to 3 years – reduce toddler tantrums, manage potty training and encourage sharing.  Toddlers thrive on immediate reward.  The Reward Box enables small achievements to be instantly recognized with a token which they will love posting.  We recommend that tokens are replaced on a daily basis (in order to keep their interest) for small rewards. For a multitude of age appropriate ideas please visit our Reward Ideas page
  • From 3 years to 5 years – help set bedtime (and waking up!) routines, develop listening skills and manners.  Pre-school children can be encouraged to help set their own goals (and to develop their basic numeracy skills) by collecting tokens to work towards them.   We recommend that tokens are collected over a period of about a week to be exchanged for family days out or small toys.  For inspiration on what you might offer please visit our Reward Ideas page
  • 5 years plus – reward homework completion, develop a sense of responsibility through basic chores and start to transition towards concepts such as pocket money and savings.  Encourage older children to swap some of their tokens for immediate rewards such as special treats (staying up late or a family movie night) and exchange others for real money to save in their money boxes

For more suggestions on how to get the best out of your Fairy Reward Box for each of the different age groups, please visit our How To Use page

What a lovely product. Really well made and comes in a lovely box. This is a great way to encourage children and reward them for good behaviour. Highly recommend.
— Mrs Reeves

How else can my child be encouraged to play with their Pirate Reward Box?

You will find that your child will have a million uses of their own for their very special Pirate Reward Box, here are just a few what we have seen from our own children and some of our happy customers:

  • Posting worries about things that children aren’t ready (or able) to discuss.  Once posted the magical creatures will take the problem away (or at least inform adults so they can help to deal with it)
  • Pretend play (writing letters and posting them to friends, pirates, elves and other magical creatures)
  • Leaving teeth for the tooth fairy
  • Using an an alternative advent calendar or for 'Elf on the Shelf'
  • Leaving notes for Father Christmas
  • Practicing basic numeracy skills (post 6 coins in the box)
  • Imaginative play such as Pirate Treasure hunting
  • Using as a money box for older children who may have outgrown the need for a Reward Box
This review is more for the effect it has had on our three year old’s behaviour. After sleeping through the night since early days, our son decided to suddenly start waking during the night and also develop a foot stamping attitude to many of life’s small requests. After trying a few different things we decided to try this box as he’s obsessed with pirates.

It is incredibly well made and robust and of a premium nature, the paint is hard to chip and the hinges and clasps are small and strong. The associated stickers can allow your little one to decorate and make their own.

We used it to hand out stars for good “choices” during the day and then overnight the “pirates” would come and visit to collect the stars and replace, if he had enough, with a reward.

Really happy with this purchase
— Savy Dad - Olly Cator