The information on this page is designed to be a guide to some of the ways you can use your Reward Box with your School aged child (approximately aged 5 years +).  We have also included some suggestions for Rewards that are suitable for this age group and which we have used ourselves.  

We are always on the lookout for new ideas so if you have anything you think we have missed please do contact us (either through our Contact Us page or via our social media (links below)) to let us know what has worked for you.  


How to Use with School Age Children (5 years +)

As children start school and become more capable of formal learning and basic chores the Reward Box can be a great transition to taking on more responsibility and starting to earn pocket money.   For ideas on what you might offer as rewards / how you might introduce pocket money please see below.


Day to Day Behaviour

On a day to day basis you can literally use the tokens to recognise any form of good behaviour. With older children the tokens can then be exchanged for Rewards on a weekly basis (see below for ideas on how you might do this with school aged children)

Make the counting of their tokens, and receiving additional ones a part of their daily routine. This is a great opportunity to sit down and talk with your child and reflect on the things they did really well and the things they could improve on to do better the next day.   This can also be a great way to develop mathematics skills as you count the tokens from that day and add then to the ones that are already in the box from the previous days and then work out how many more are required.

At this age most children still like to believe in a little bit of magic so keep this going as long as you can with a little reward appearing in their box courtesy of their magical friends, even if the rest is used to swap for pocket money and family treats.  

  • Getting up / Staying in Bed: tokens can be given in exchange for children sticking to the agreed getting up times once this is an established routine the threat of removing a token is often enough to mean they stay in bed until the agreed time (at this age this is often best managed using a gro-clock set to a specific time and being clear they are not allowed up until the sun is showing)

  • Morning Routines: by this age your child will be familiar with their morning routine.  Use tokens as an incentive for your child to help our getting themselves dressed and their things together ready to get out of house on time.   If you are struggling with the amount of time everything takes then you might want to try putting an egg timer next to the box and rewarding completion of tasks within the time (thanks for this fantastic idea goes to one of our customers Carrie E)

  • The School Day: recognise achievements from the school day with tokens, for example if your child manages to complete their reading homework without too much help or if they brave speaking at a school assembly you can recognise their achievement with tokens

  • Chores - this is the perfect for age to encourage children to help out around the house and to take responsibility for their space with with basic chores.  Some ideas of simple activities are listed below and tokens can be used to reward their efforts:

    • Putting away toys / tidying their room

    • Making their bed

    • Putting clean clothes back into the right drawers

    • Laying the table for dinner and clearing away dinner / loading the dishwasher etc

    • Prepare simple meals such as lunch or snacks

    • Vacuum the floor

  • Eating: many parents are reluctant to reward children for eating.  Whilst this is understandable (due to the potential to teach children to override their natural triggers for knowing when they are full) your Reward Box can still be used to reward things like trying a new food or finishing a portion of vegetables.  At this age children start to learn about making healthy choices and this can be recognised with tokens (for example giving a token if their chose to have vegetables at school instead of chips)

  • Whining and Not Listening: the approach for using the Reward Box to help deal with whining and 'not listening' is much the same as with tantrums.  Clearly state that a continuation of the behaviour will result in the loss of a token and then follow up a re-enforcement of good behaviour / listening etc

  • Bedtime Routines: by this age your child will be familiar with their bedtime routine and will be starting to complete parts of it by themselves (for example putting they night clothes on).  Tokens can be used to reward the completion of the required steps (for example if they have put on their PJs, brushed their teeth, gone to the toilet and got into their bed they receive a token but only if they have done so without having to be asked repeatedly).  You may also wish to reward staying in bed after lights out with another token if they do so until morning


Reward Ideas for School Children (5 - 8+ years)

As your child reaches school age we encourage you to work with them to set Rewards of their choice.  It is best to give them a selection of ideas (see those above in the pre-school section to get you started) and let them pick what they would like.  

This is also a great opportunity to start to introduce the concept of value and savings for example 5 tokens may be left for the Fairy with a note to ask for their favourite sweets, 4 tokens may buy a family movie night and their remaining 8 might be given to Daddy in exchange for 80p to put in their money box to save for the new toy they want to buy.